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  • TOP TEN TERRAOLIVO Extra Virgin Olive oil Awards
    (The first 10 EVOO’s with more than 95 points)
  • GRAND PRESTIGE GOLD Extra Virgin Olive oil Awards
  • (With 86-100 points)
  • PRESTIGE GOLD Extra Virgin Olive oil Awards
    (With 76-85.99 points)
  • GOLD Extra Virgin Olive oil Awards
    (With 65-75.99 points)


  • BEST INTERNATIONAL Extra Virgin Olive oil Awards
  • BEST ISRAEL Extra Virgin Olive oil Awards
    (Best EVOO of Israel)
  • BEST SOCIETY Extra Virgin Olive oil Award
    (Best range of three olive oils from the same company)
  • BEST ISRAELI  Extra Virgin Olive oil in each varietal Awards
    (Minimum 10  olive oil EV in each category)
  • BEST KOSHER Extra Virgin Olive oil Awards
  • BEST ISRAELI SOCIETY Extra Virgin Olive oil Award
  • BEST ISRAELI SMALL SOCIETY Extra Virgin Olive oil Award
    (Minimum of 20 samples in TERRAOLIVO from each country)
  • DESIGN Extra Virgin Olive oil Awards

Participation documents

Print out the participation form and fill it.
Send the signed participation form to the E-Mail: [email protected]

Click here to download form


Read the Regulations for TERRAOLIVO competition Click here

Participation cost

The EARLY BIRD ENTRY cost is € 210 per sample until March 31st, 2020.
There is a €35 ONE time registration fee (No matter sample quantity).

The EARLY BIRD ENTRY includes design award entry FREE of charge! (Value of €50 per sample) until March 31st, 2020.

(Valid for paid entries only)

From March 31st, 2020 the entry cost is €235 per sample.
There is a €35 ONE time registration fee (No matter sample quantity).
From March 31st, 2020 design award entry cost is €50 per sample.

Payment methods

We offer 3 payment options:

  1. PayPal – Pay with your PayPal account – [email protected]
  2. Credit Card / Debit Card – Pay with Credit card / Debit card directly from the website. (COMING SOON)
  3. Bank transfer – Transfer the cost directly to our bank account

    Bank details: 

    Bank name: Mizrahi Tefahot Bank 20

    Account number: 089585

    Address: Kfar Saba Branch 424

    Swift: Mizbilit

    Iban: il190204240000000089585

    Account name: TERRAOLIVO

How to participate

Register directly on our website ( HASSLE FREE and EASY UX/UI. RECOMMENDED!

Register manually by downloading the registration forms, fill them and send it to [email protected] with a copy of proof of payment for participation in TerraOlivo.

Download forms here

How to ship the samples

Package the samples safely to prevent brokerage, TerraOlivo is not responsible for broken bottles.


Before shipping the samples you must send to [email protected] a copy of the PROFORMA INVOICE filled like in this PROFORMA INVOICE example –

The sender is responsible for all shipping and delivery of the samples to the contest deposit. 


Make sure your carrier performs all the entry and delivery procedures in Israel.

For any doubt about the shipping of the samples contact us here. 

The curriers (DHL/ Fedex/ UPS & etc) are recommended for shipping.

TerraOlivo organization is not responsible for any shipping cost and releasing fees caused by the wrong shipping method or term of payment (INTERCOM).

If you still have any doubts regarding this method, please contact us here.

The samples should arrive to the address:


Street: HAEMEK 14


Zipcode: 4447017

Country: Israel

Tel: +972-54-4858089

Email: [email protected]

more frequently asked questions

3 bottles or containers of 0.75 liters / or
4 bottles or containers of 0.50 liters
(In total a maximum send is 2 liters)

The EVOO samples should arrive with the original label with all the EVOO details. 
(If not possible, make sure to put a sticker with all the EVOO details – name, acidity, producer name)

The deadline to enter TerraOlivo is May 20th which means that June 1st is the last day of samples reception.

The samples should arrive intact so please make sure to pack it the most secure way possible.

The package should arrive with the correct invoice inside and outside of the package to prevent delays and problems in the reception of the samples in Israel.
Before shipping the samples contact us here.

The invoice for the participation in TerraOlivo will be sent the soon as the funds are receive and will be sent by Email.

The results from TerraOlivo event will be announced at the Gala event and will be uploaded to our website (only the awarded wines & spirits will be published).

The awarded Extra virgin olive oils will receive a certificate of the award and the medal file image in JPEG/JPG.

We offer to awarded EVOO’s the option to purchase high quality printed stickers and the option to purchase unlimited rights of high resolution medal files in – .ai, .jpg, .cdr & .png.
You are welcome to use the high resolution files for any purpose (print stickers, adding to the label design, etc…)

TerraOlivo is the official international EVOO event in The Middle-East. The participants and the winners will receive high quality exposure in many medias.

Yes, every awarded EVOO receives an official TerraOlivo certificate with the award.

The panel of judges at TerraOlivo is composed of senior Olive oil judges from Israel and abroad, among them Olive oil writers, buyers, leading EVOO producers and leading EVOO influencers.

The competition consists of “Blind Tasting” of EVOO’s contested by up to 40 Olive oil judges from Israel and abroad, among them Olive oil writers, buyers, leading EVOO producers and leading EVOO influencers.

The EVOO’s will be awarded Grand Prestige Gold, Prestige Gold and Gold medals.

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