Hani Eshkenazi

Hani Ashkenazi from Moshav Beit Hanan runs the brand “Bad Va Shemen” and the premium brand Jerusalem olive oil lovingly cultivates olive groves from a number of varieties in the family farm with a modern eco-fabric based on a green environment tasting international olive oil certified by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and IOC (International Council). Head of the Tastes Panel The Olive Branch Center, sponsored by the IOC, is responsible for additional panels and judges in olive oil competitions in Israel and around the world in modern canvases and olive oil manufacturing companies and has learned a lot about growing and treating olive trees, producing olive oil and improving its quality and promoting. Olive in Israel Produces and promotes gala events based on gourmet meals, olive oil-based dishes from various varieties as well as fused olive oil in close collaboration with opinion leaders in Israel. Live and breathe olive oil!

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