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Who is behind TerraOlivo

Eyal Hason

Chief coordinator

leonardo castellani

Head samples manager

Ilai Spak

International relations &
samples director

TerraOlivo agenda


During the competition, held annually since 2006 in November, hundreds of wines and spirits from Israel and around the world are judged by senior international wine judges, from Israel and abroad. Judges include expert wine writers, assessors, sommeliers, connoisseurs, buyers, leading wine makers and public opinion figures.

Our past experience shows that participation in the competition constitutes a huge marketing lever for the local wine industry, and contributes to the image and sales of the participants. In addition to the prestige involved in participating in an international competition, this is a unique opportunity for an unmediated encounter between the Israeli wines and the people behind them, with the world’s top wine industry.

TerraOlivo Founders

Eyal Hason

2009 - Today

Raul Castellani

2009 - 2016

Moshe Spak

2009 - 2017

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